Thirty years of activity, sophisticated and modern production plants, constant innovation and high quality, these are just a few of the company’s merits as told by Mauro Durazzi, The Eku Commercial Director.

To begin with, a brief presentation of the Eku reality, as described directly by Mauro Durazzi, The Eku Commercial Director “Eku is the building division of the Profilati Group (Profilati spa and Trafilerie Emiliane Sud spa) which is considered a European benchmark in extrusion and aluminium processing.

It can avail itself of a vast know-how and experience gained in over 30 years of activity, of the most sophisticated and modern production plants in the sector and of a certified quality system, ISO 9001.

With the Eku brand, the Profilati Group is able to design, build and market aluminium systems for the residential and non-residential construction sectors. Systems created to offer maximum flexibility of use and provide the ideal solutions for the realization of all types of windows, shutters, doors and curtain walling”.

Aluminium takes the centre stage, an interview with Mauro Durazzi, the Eku Commercial Director

What is the latest news in terms of products and supply chain?

In terms of products, the top range is the Eku Perfektion line, thermal break windows with a high performance and refined aesthetics. Eku Perfektion shouldn’t be seen only as a traditional technical product, but as a furnishing element, an extension of the interior furnishings of the house. With Eku Perfektion, the visible frame (70 mm) has been reduced to the minimum possible and only hidden accessories have been used, thus obtaining a clean, essential but notable design.

The reduced area of the frame, the greater glassed surface and the use of innovative insulating materials make Eku Perfektion windows highly performing in terms of thermal transmittance (Uw), noise reduction (Rw) and light transmission.
The Eku Perfektion range is composed of the models Alu, Classic, Wood (mixed aluminium-wood), Ferro, Strutturale, Light, Slide and Bicolore.

From the supply chain point of view, we have completed the renovation of our warehouses. In 2017, from the merger of Alpex of Treviso and Profilati & Metalli of Milan, the new Eku Sistemi company was born, which is able to cover the whole of Northern Italy thanks to its two branches. Then we set up Eku Sistemi Roma and, a few months ago, our Apulian warehouse became Eku Sistemi Puglia. In addition to this change of name to Eku Sistemi Puglia, the company was transferred from Massafra (TA) to Modugno (BA) in order to better control the Puglia from a logistical point of view and to expand in Basilicata.

Eku Perfektion Slide: aluminium takes the centre stage

What is your target and how do you involve professionals?

We mainly target curtain walling and window and door manufacturers. We involve them by providing accurate and timely information on new products and by holding technical-commercial training courses at our partners’ warehouses or distribution centres.

We work to constantly improve the services offered to ensure maximum added value. An example is the use, by all our sales force, of LogiKal, an Orgadata software, a product that allows us to offer a valuable additional tool to window and door manufacturers. In fact, thanks to a collaboration with the German company, an Eku-edition has been developed, that is a totally customized version of the program for Eku.

We are also working to improve our communication by keeping our website constantly updated, issuing a periodic newsletter and by the setting up of a press office activity to keep the sector media updated. Privileged recipients of our communications are also architects, engineers and designers in general.

What role does the installation play and what do you propose?

We have always been sensitive to this issue. It is no coincidence that Eku was the first company to obtain the certification ‘marchio Progettazione posa qualità serramenti’ for the quality of the installation of doors and windows. This certification is the only one that is recognized and promoted by all the Italian associations representing the sector’s production chain. It guarantees, both to the final consumer and to the designers, the quality of the entire window installation process.

Aluminium takes the centre stage, an interview with Mauro Durazzi - 2

Is Eku able to satisfy customized requests?

Yes, if by customization we mean adaptation to any housing conditions or adaptation to current regulations. For example, with regards to installation, Eku is able to always find the most appropriate solution. As for the regulations, the Hps (High performance special) systems have achieved such a high performance that Eku solutions can be used in all geographical areas.

What are your pre and post-sales activities?

They have had to change continually over time, because the world of window and door manufacturing is in constant evolution. Until 10-15 years ago, exhibitions were the maximum expressions in this sense. Today no more.

We try to modulate our activities by paying particular attention to the needs and behaviour of the final consumer and on the basis of this information we promote various activities such as training, online communication etc.

Which markets are you targeting?

We are present on the Italian and international market, in particular on the European and Middle Eastern ones. Our systems are suitable for new buildings, renovation and energy-saving interventions. The sectors are residential, commercial/industrial and public construction.

Aluminium-takes-the-centre-stage-an-interview-with-Mauro-Durazzi - 2

And the role of sustainability in your proposals and in the organization of the supply chain?

With regards to the material used, aluminium has optimal characteristics for recycling, this material can be recycled repeatedly without losing its properties or value. The energy required to obtain recycled aluminium is a small part, often less than 5%, of that required for the production of primary aluminium, offering to the whole community various advantages:

  • economic – recycle precious raw materials without losing quality and thus be able to create new products at a lower cost,
  • energetic – save the energy used to produce primary aluminum,
  • environmental – the protection of natural resources by eliminating part of waste production and reducing greenhouse emissions.

If, on the other hand, we mean project sustainability, I reconnect to what has been said so far. Sustainability is possible if we are better able to interpret the characteristics and evolution of the market, in order to provide the supply chain with a series of services that make it evolved and enable it to be competitive. We meet regularly with our distributors and window and door manufacturers, so as to keep them informed and share our research about the needs of the consumers in a constantly evolving market.

Article published on “GDS – Il Giornale del Serramento” n. 191 – November / December 2019