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Quotes for window and door systems: who to do it for and when to do it

Given the interest in the previous article on how to write a successful estimate, in this issue we have come back on the topic. The consumers of today, love having many quotes, very often without the intention of buying but only to make comparisons or to have information. However, making a quote requires both [...]

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Eku Perfektion HPS: The Eku Perfektion range evolves and improves its performance

Eku Perfektion HPS, an evolution of the Perfektion range, enables the achievement of Uw thermal transmittance values lower than 1.4 W/m2K, thanks to an increase of 8mm in the dimension of the polyamide bar. The 8mm increase of the frame and the door, however, does not compromise the use of the HPS Perfektion for renovation [...]

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Course for the Certification “Posa Qualità”, the Installation of Quality Window and Door Systems, together with the students of the Teresa Gerini Institute in Rome

At the course organized by Eku Sistemi Roma on September 25th and 26th, in addition to the Eku window makers, a group of students from the Teresa Gerini Salesian Institute also took part. In these months, Eku – The Proflati Group in collaboration with Unicmi and the LegnoLegno Association, has organized courses for the [...]

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Preventivo per serramenti: a chi farlo e quando farlo

Considerato l’interesse per il precedente articolo su come scrivere un preventivo per serramenti vincente, in questo numero ritorniamo a parlare dei preventivi. I consumatori, oggi, amano avere più preventivi e fare confronti: spesso non con la volontà di acquistare, ma solo per sapere. Ma fare un preventivo richiede impegno, tempo e spesso è anche [...]

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Perfektion HPS: la gamma Eku Perfektion evolve e migliora le sue prestazioni

Eku Perfektion HPS, evoluzione della gamma Perfektion, consente di raggiungere senza problemi valori di trasmittanza termica Uw inferiori all’1,4 W/m2K grazie all’utilizzo di una barretta di poliammide più lunga di 8 mm. L’aumento di 8 mm del telaio e dell’anta però non pregiudicano l’uso del Perfektion HPS per gli interventi di ristrutturazione. Come migliorare [...]

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Corso Marchio Posa Qualità Serramenti assieme agli studenti dell’Istituto Teresa Gerini di Roma

Al corso organizzato da Eku Sistemi Roma il 25 e 26 settembre, oltre ai serramentisti partner Eku hanno partecipato anche una decina di studenti del corso per serramentisti dell’Istituto Salesiano Teresa Gerini. In questi mesi Eku – Gruppo Profilati in collaborazione con Unicmi e il Consorzio LegnoLegno ha organizzato dei corsi per l’acquisizione del [...]

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7 effective techniques for closing a sale. And don’t forget the Golden Moment

‘Always try to close a sale’ is one of the most frequent advices given by sales experts. Here are 7 techniques that can help, but don’t forget the “Golden Moment”, that precious moment dedicated to improving the relationship. One of the main tasks of a sales person is to seek any opportunity for closing [...]

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Calculating the thermal transmittance of windows: the new radiosity method

We spoke about the radiosity method – in the ISO 10077-2:2017 standard – during the meetings organised in the last months of 2017. It is not mentioned often, but we would like to talk about it again briefly because this new method could change the rules of the doors and windows market, especially aluminum [...]

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The importance and value of an artisan’s mindset

We have interviewed Giovanni Fusillo, the technical manager of Officine Fusillo di Fusillo Angelo in Noci (Bari, Italy), the company that built the Eku Perfektion Alu and Eku 62TT doors and windows for the conservative restoration of several ‘trulli’ buildings in Noci. If you were asked to illustrate your enterprise with one thought, what [...]

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Eku continues its presentation tour of the “Posa Qualità Serramenti” brand

The first to obtain the “Progettazione Posa Qualità Serramenti” (Quality Door & Window Installer - Designer) brand, Eku is continuing its tour to present the project to a select number of door and window installers in cooperation with its partner distributors. In the wake of the meetings held in Turin, Udine, Milan, Treviso and Rome [...]

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