Improved water tightness performance of Eku Perfektion Slide with a reduced threshold

The Eku Perfektion Slide with a reduced threshold, having been recently subjected to water-air-wind resistance tests, has improved the previous performance achieved by the system, reaching Class 9A. Sample tested in the experimental setup Eku Perfektion Slide is one of our flagship products, a sliding system that resolves the problem of limited [...]

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The importance of having a sales process (2nd part)

In the first part we explained one of the most widespread general sales processes, now let's take this process and adapt it to the sales of window and door systems. Prospecting. In this first phase, the seller looks for possible clients. Alternatively, the company - producer or reseller - can develop promotional or 'lead generation' [...]

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The importance of having a sales process (1st part)

A process can be defined as "a series of actions or phases useful to make or achieve something". It implies progress towards a desired final goal. Every phase of the process is equally important and consequently if one of them is carried out improperly or neglected, the final result will be unsatisfactory. Sales people who [...]

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Construction sector performance according to Euroconstruct

Total construction output in the Euroconstruct area grew by 3.1% in 2018, and so slightly better than expected six months ago. On the other hand, the outlook for the forecast period up to 2021 shows an even slower development, in a context of a weakening economic expansion. New construction continues to be the leading force [...]

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The new company showroom for the EKU brand

The restyling of the showroom of our headquarters in Medicina (BO) gives the right importance to our leading Eku products. The new showroom is a place where manufacturers, distributors and designers can meet, not only a place for business, but also a place where ideas can be shared and developed. We have totally restructured [...]

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Knowing who your clients are

It is essential to know who the clients of your products are, as they represent the future growth of your business. Knowing their lifestyle, their habits, what they like and don't like, is an important lever for your sales What is needed to create a client profile? The core information is the description of [...]

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An updated look, more space for images and more versatile, offers navigators a completely new experience. The more effective and modern style of, better illustrates the technology developed and experience gained in the extrusion and processing of aluminium in more than 40 years of activity. It's not an accident that the slogan [...]

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The Quote: who should it be given to? How to distinguish a relevant customer from the simply curious one?

When a potential customer enters your showroom, how can you understand if they are only simply curious, so as not to waste time making a quote, or a relevant customer really interested in buying? One of the difficulties that characterizes the modern window and door market, above all when window manufacturers are in direct [...]

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