Eku Perfektion HPS, an evolution of the Perfektion range, enables the achievement of Uw thermal transmittance values lower than 1.4 W/m2K, thanks to an increase of 8mm in the dimension of the polyamide bar. The 8mm increase of the frame and the door, however, does not compromise the use of the HPS Perfektion for renovation purposes.

Eku Perfektion HPS - dettaglio renderHow to improve the thermal transmittance performance maintaining the essential, minimal design that has made the Perfektion range so successful? The answer is Perfektion HPS, in which the 24mm polyamide bar has been replaced with a 32mm one. With the previous bar the Uf transmittance was 2.4-2.5 W/m2K , making it difficult to respect the transmittance limits imposed for the climatic zone E, 1.4 W/m2K.

With the new 32mm bar, the thermal transmittance Uf has gone down to 1.8 W/m2K. By installing double-glazing with an Ug equal to 1.0 W/m2K, the Uw of the standard window frame drops well below 1.4 W/m2K. With this solution the frame increases from 62 to 70mm and the leaf from 72 to 80mm. This makes it possible to mount triple-glazing with an Ug of 0.6 W/m2K, maintaining an optimal level of safety and further improving the thermal transmittance Uw of the frame.
The increase of 8mm of the frame and leaf still makes the system ideal for all types of renovation.

Eku Perfektion HPS technical drawing

Testing of the mechanical resistance

Although the new bars have been increased by only 8mm, the Eku Technical Office has chosen to verify that no mechanical problems have been created to the profile. For this reason, a window frame of 1550×1400 mm was tested, subjecting it to durability, resistance, safety and functionality tests for leaf and tilt-turn accessories in compliance with the norms EN 13126-1: 2006 and  UNI EN 13126 -8:2006.

Eku Perfektion HPS - testThe sample reached grade 4 in the resistance testing:

  • with tilt-turn and leaf opening – 15,000 cycles;
  • with leaf opening (rotation cycles) – 10,000 cycles carried out.

The sample also passed the testing for:

  • resistance to an additional load
  • reveal test without turn restictor
  • rebate-hindrance test

without any damage or malfunction of the sample.

«We are very satisfied with the results of the mechanical tests,” explains Gianluca Buscaroli, Head of the Eku Technical Office. «We will soon also carry out the water-air-wind tests, we expect to obtain the same results as the traditional range, or even higher, as the sealing system has not changed. For example given the greater thickness of the profiles, the wind resistance will increase.

Finally,we are evaluating further improvements to the thermal performance of the system by using a 32mm bar made of an innovative low lambda coefficient material to obtain values of Uf below 1.8 W/m2K, but for now polyamide gives us greater guarantees at a mechanical level and the tests carried out so far are proof of this».

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