Given the interest in the previous article on how to write a successful estimate, in this issue we have come back on the topic. The consumers of today, love having many quotes, very often without the intention of buying but only to make comparisons or to have information.

Quotes for window and door systems - 4However, making a quote requires both commitment and time and is often expensive. The quote is of great value and should not be drawn up for all those who request it. It should be done only for customers who show a real willingness to buy, that is only if the probability of success is 51%. In all other cases it would be enough to indicate the price range for a system of a standard size.

Yet the majority of companies give quotes, very often without obtaining any results. The quote should be seen as only the final phase of the sales process. Making a quote, without before having understood the client’s real needs and having identified a suitable solution, is only a waste of time.

Quotes for window and door systems: how to filter customers

It is a good idea to prepare a series of questions to filter customers and see if it is worthwhile making a quote.
They could be questions like:

  • Quotes for window and door systems - 2What solutions have you already seen?
  • What type of housing will the systems be installed in? What living environments will they be installed in? What kind of furniture do you have or have you chosen?
  • Do you already have in mind a date or a period in which to replace the existing systems?
  • What do you like about aluminium systems?
  • Do you have an idea of your spending budget? Have you set an upper limit to your budget?

These questions are intended to identify customers really interested in buying. Another way of selecting who deserves a quote is to check how much time the customer gives to the seller to listen to their presentation and their description of how the product will work.

Customers can be immediately excluded who when entering the showroom

  1. ask hurriedly for a quote by leaving a drawing or a list of dimensions
  2. almost forget to leave their address
  3. say goodbye and leave quickly.

Presentation of the quotes for window and door systems

Quotes for window and door systems - 3Here are some indications on how to present the quote:

  • the seller shows it in detail to the customer or to the main contact (who has visited the showroom);
  • the seller guides the reading of the quote and makes sure that the recipient does not read it by themselves;
  • the seller asks if the offer will be examined by other people (for example  their husband/wife or a technician). If yes, the seller should ask to be presented to them, so as to be able to respond to all potential questions. In this way the information in the quote can be explained to meet their expectations.

Preparation for the final negotiation

Yes partly No
What unique features for the client does your offer have?
Is the company able to offer exclusive features?
What aspects make your proposal interesting for the client?
Where are the weak points in your competitors’ proposals?
Are you able to satisfy the positive motivations of the client? (need for esteem, confidence, prestige)
Are you able to reassure the client that they will avoid negative consequences? (criticism, stress, etc.)
Are you able to give a sense of security to the client? (guarantees, references, tests)
In a critical situation (objections, refusals),  are you able to remain focussed on the client, without experiencing this criticism at a personal level?
Are you ready to offer practical advice to help the decision-making?
Have you prepared fallback solutions? (discounts, free optionals etc.)
Source: adaptation of Altmann H.C., How to become the number one seller, Longanesi, 2003