The importance and value of an artisan’s mindset

//The importance and value of an artisan’s mindset

The importance and value of an artisan’s mindset

We have interviewed Giovanni Fusillo, the technical manager of Officine Fusillo di Fusillo Angelo in Noci (Bari, Italy), the company that built the Eku Perfektion Alu and Eku 62TT doors and windows for the conservative restoration of several ‘trulli’ buildings in Noci.

Intervista Officine Fusillo Serramenti Eku Perfektion - 3If you were asked to illustrate your enterprise with one thought, what would you answer?

The staff consists of seven people. This means we are an artisanal business that tries to remain as artisanal as possible, despite the fact that the weight of industrialisation pushes us onto other paths. It is only by preserving an artisanal mindset that we manage to deploy that special care necessary for specific kinds of work, such as the restoration of the trulli in Noci, for example.

What is the scope of your market?

Essentially, the province of Bari. In the course of our long activity, however, we have also worked for other provinces or regions in Italy, such as Emilia Romagna, and for foreign countries, such as Germany.

What is your ideal clientele?

I could say that we work 50% with private clients and 50% with companies.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a separate showroom. The workshop is located in the crafts area of Noci, while the showroom is located in downtown Noci. It is about 50 m2, the overall layout of which was designed with the help of an architect friend. We display both the products we make and commercial products such as PVC fixtures and rolling shutters.

Intervista Officine Fusillo Serramenti Eku Perfektion - 4What are the characteristics or performance features of the doors and windows that private clients seek the most when visiting your showroom?

The highest demand regards thermal performance because it also allows to apply for tax reductions. However, we have seen an increase in the request for sound insulation too. Something is stirring also as regards installation. We always try to clearly explain, for example, what might change in their homes from a microclimatic viewpoint.

It often happens, when installing new doors and windows in old walls, that the lack of ventilation resulting from the old fixtures causes the formation of moulds. These moulds are not caused by the incorrect installation of the new fixtures, however, but rather by the incorrect ventilation of the rooms. For this reason, together with the bill we provide these clients with a leaflet that explains how to correctly ventilate the rooms.

What initiatives do you use to promote your company on the market?

We count on word of mouth, mostly. Once in a while we place an ad in the local dailies.
We were counting on having our website already online, but we have had very little time to follow this project closely and so we are a little behind schedule.

Intervista Officine Fusillo Serramenti Eku Perfektion - 5For how long have you been an EKU partner? What convinced you to become one?

For about four years. Apart from the quality of their frames and finishes, what really convinced us to become EKU partners was the professionalism and reliability shown by our warehouse of reference in Massafra and of the parent company. I believe that these are the essential assumptions for working well together.

What is the situation of the Bari market like?

We continue to experience ups and downs. This, for example, is a period in which we are working profitably with both private clients and companies. Last month, instead, we were practically at a standstill. We never have that continuity that allows one to work in a serene and confident manner, and it is my opinion that a real recovery has yet to start in Italy.

Projects for the future?

One of our middle-term objectives is to expand the size of our showroom and therefore our offering of products.

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