Advantages of EKU systems

7 great advantages for door and window fitters

  1. Certified quality systems

marchio CEAll profiles are carefully checked and controlled, according to our internal quality manual. Also, systems are certified1 by accredited bodies in compliance with the latest regulations.

  1. Clear, comprehensive cascading

EKU provides all documentation (ITT test certificates, manuals etc.) for CE marking doors and windows products.

  1. Simple to work with – fewer errors

EKU systems are extremely simple to work with and consequently there is a smaller percentage of errors during production and installation.

  1. You can give your clients high-performance products

EKU systems are designed for making doors and windows that guarantee optimum performance in terms of resistance, functional flexibility and durability; air-, water- and wind-proofing; heat and sound insulation.

  1. Detailed documentation to help you choose and present products

Technical catalogues, installation and maintenance manuals, system certification and advertising brochures – EKU supports each product with documentation that promotes its characteristics and advantages.

  1. You can satisfy the aesthetic requirements of designers and final consumers

EKU solutions are also beautifully designed – their wealth of shapes, finishes and hardware can satisfy the aesthetic requests of architects and end users.

  1. Investment in communications to increase brand notoriety and facilitate sales

EKU invests in communications campaigns targeting the general public and design world and organises initiatives at points-of-sale to reinforce brand visibility and increase its notoriety.

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