Thermal break lift-slide aluminium wood system

EKU TT AS is the EKU thermal break lift and slide opening series designed to meet the most rigid european energetic requirements currently in force. It is ideal for separating large spaces, a perfect combination of elegance and practicality.
The great strength of the aluminum profiles and the opening system of the lifting-sliding EKU TT AS series, enable the easy creation of large windows and large glass surfaces, for maximum luminosity in the living space and the pleasant feeling of not having barriers between the internal and external environments.

The large weights that can be supported do not cause any difficulties, not even in the process of opening and closing, since the simple manual opening system allows movimentation of the doors with very little effort.
It is also possible to integrate a completely automated opening system with specific sensors that stop the movement of the doors in the presence of an obstacle, ensuring maximum user safety and preventing any possible type of injury.
A specific design and the presence of the “thermal break”, enable a good thermal insulation, minimizing heat dispersion between indoors and outdoors.



  • no obstructions to the wings.
  • good thermal insulation guaranteed by the insulating inserts.
  • a design studied to meet every aesthetic need.
  • high resistance and minimum maintenance.
  • the possibility to build large glass areas with maximum luminosity
  • a rich range of profiles, shapes and finishings to realize every type of solution


Basic dimensions:section fixed frame 136 mm wing 57 mm
Resultant cross-section:127,5 mm
Maximum thickness of the glass or panel43 mm
Insulation bar dimension:16 mm
Glass housing height:22 mm
Maximum cart capacity per wing:300 kg (2 carriages)
Accessories housing seat:sizing for specific fittings
Air-water sealing system:brush seals and EPDM

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