Thermal break lift-slide aluminium system

The series EKU 170 AS TT for sliding systems and sliding doors with thermal break, is designed for the construction of large profiles with a spacious glass area.
It combines elegance, practicality and performance. And is ideal for both private and commercial buildings. The EKU 170 as tt offers maximum luminosity in the living space and the pleasant sensation of no longer having barriers between the internal and external environments, while at the same time ensuring good protection against atmospheric agents as well as high thermal and acoustic insulation.

EKU 170 AS TT is equipped with accessories that allow a fluid, lightweight and silent movement when opening and closing the large doors. It has a lowered threshold, in line with the regulations for the elimination of architectural barriers.
It is possible to integrate an automated opening system equipped with special sensors that stop the movement of the doors in the presence of an obstacle. With EKU 170 AS TT, it is possible to build frames with one or more openable or fixed wings, with various types of opening systems and with two or three sliding rails.

eku 170 as tt
sezione eku 170 as tt


  • no obstructions to the wings.
  • excellent thermal insulation guaranteed by the insulating inserts.
  • good acoustic insulation.
  • a design studied to meet every aesthetic need.
  • high resistance and minimum maintenance.
  • the possibility to build large glass areas with maximum luminosity.
  • a vast range of profiles, shapes and finishings to realize every type of solution.


Basic dimensions:section fixed frame 166mm wing 72mm
Maximum thickness of the glass:55 mm
Glass housing height:22 mm
DInsulation bar dimension:28 mm
Air-water sealing system:brush seals and EPDM
Maximum cart capacity:400 kg with 2 carriages per wing
Accessories housing seat:sizing for specific fittings

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