Aluminium structural façade

EKU 50 GLASS-S curtain walling is designed to guarantee high mechanical strength and excellent thermal insulation and drainage properties.
The visual impact from the outside is reduced to a minimum as the facade grid is completed externally by means of a rigid base-joint gasket and a 27mm wide finishing gasket.

As an alternative to the finishing gasket it is possible to apply silicone sealing.
With the EKU 50 GLASS-S curtain walling, it is possible to create fixed or openable glazed/panelled structures that meet every technical, aesthetic and energy-saving requirement of the building.


  • architectural elegance
  • structural lightness
  • visual transparency
  • acoustic comfort
  • thermal comfort


Standard section dimensions:internal visible section 50mm
Maximum glass width:33mm
Glass housing height:20mm
Insulating bars dimension:13mm
Housing for accessories:specifc dimension s for the appropriate accessories

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