Thermal break aluminium system for casement openings

The windows and doors realized with the profiles of the EKU 52 TT are excellent value for money, quality/price, combining good thermal insulation properties (depending on the insulation bars used), acoustic insulation, weather resistance, and a competitive positioning in the current market.

The lightness and the reduced visible surface of the aluminum profile enable the achievement of a glazed area of a greater dimension and therefore greater transparency and luminosity in the living environment.
In addition, the reduced thickness of the profiles makes this system perfect for renovations and for all applications where there is little depth in the mounting wall, at the same time maintaining high mechanical resistance and flexibility in usage.

The availability of doors with straight or rounded surfaces, countless combinations of profiles, the possibility of choosing handles and knobs of various designs and types of openings, allow a wide customization of the product to meet all aesthetic and practical needs.


  • good thermal insulation, excellent acoustic insulation, high resistance to atmospheric agents
  • resistance and respect of the performance over time
  • minimum maintenance
  • excellent value for money, quality/price
  • lightness of the profiles and the reduced visible surface (from 48 mm)
  • a wide range of profiles, shapes and finishings for every type of solution.


Basic dimensions:frame section 52 mm, wing 60 mm
Maximum thickness of the glass:44 mm
Glass housing height:22 mm
Insulation bar dimension:18 mm both on the fixed frame and on the wing
Air-water sealing system:central open joint gasket and internal sound insulating seal
Accessories housing seat:sizing according to the European chamber 14-18 mm

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