Thermal break aluminium system for casement openings

EKU 78 TT is the new flagship series in the entire EKU TT production, designed to meet the most stringent energy requirements imposed by current European regulations, being ideal not only for private buildings but also for constructions needing very high degrees of airtightness.
The innovative design, the use of high-quality components and the presence of 40-mm insulating bars all allow the windows to combine extraordinary properties of thermal insulation with the high strength of the aluminium structure, a feature that guarantees the production of large windows.

eku 78 tt


  • outstanding thermal insulation, the thermal transmittance values (uf) of the profiles are among the lowest in their category.
  • sealing made of materials with high thermal insulation performance.
  • high resistance and minimum maintenance.
  • profile strength for the construction of large windows.
  • accessories with high weight capacity.
  • a rich assortment of profiles, shapes and finishings to meet every type of aesthetic and constructive need.


Dimensioni di base:sezione telaio fisso 78 mm, sezione anta 88 mm
Spessore massimo del vetro:70 mm
Altezza sede vetro:25 mm telaio, 22 mm anta
Sistema di tenuta aria, acqua:guarnizione centrale a giunto aperto e guarnizione fonoisolante interna
Sede per alloggiamento accessori:dimensionamento a camera europea 14-18 mm

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