Thermal break flush aluminium system for doors

EKU 66 TT PORTE HPS is the thermal break series designed to create pass doors with inward or outward openings equipped with panic bar, having coplanar surfaces on both sides. Designed to meet the most stringent energy requirements imposed by current European regulations, it is ideal for the construction of large-sized windows with openable or fixed parts in combination with openings from the EKU 66 TT HPS series with casement windows. The 66-mm profiles and the use of high-quality components guarantee a high degree of sturdiness for the structure, able to satisfy all load capacity needs.


  • extraordinary thermal insulation, with the UF thermal transmittance values of the profiles being amongst the lowest in their category
  • gaskets in high-performance heat-insulating materials
  • low air permeability
  • high resistance and minimal maintenance.
  • robustness of the profiles for constructing large windows
  • special bars to avoid any bi-metal effect
  • accessories with high loads
  • a broad array of profiles, forms and finishes to satisfy all kinds of aesthetic and constructive needs


Basic dimensions:fixed frame profile and leaf of 66 mm
Maximum glass thickness:50 mm
Glass casement height:22 mm
Air-sealing system:double weather strip
Distance between tubular walls:16 mm

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