Eku 66 TT HPS

Thermal break aluminium system for casement openings

EKU 66 TT HPS respects the most rigid norms for thermal insulation for windows and doors. The design of the EKU systems has achieved the goal of integrating high-performance and style thanks to the use of innovative materials and technology.
The key characteristics of the EKU 66 TT HPS systems are lightness, luminosity, weather resistance, security against burglary, the reduced section of the profiles (66mm frame) and a high thermal performance made possible by the use of bars, gaskets and insulating inserts made of innovative materials with a very low lambda value.

These characteristics make the EKU 66 TT HPS systems ideal for the most diverse and versatile architectural projects. The systems have been carefully studied in the minimum details to increase living comfort and reduce energy costs without reducing safety, noise reduction and weather resistance.

The EKU 66 TT HPS line has recently achived the RC 2 Anti-Burglary certification (click here to get the test report), a feature that guarantees considerable resistance to break-in attempts by the occasional thief who tries to enter using tools such as: screwdriver, pliers, wedge.

eku 66 tt hps
sezione eku 66 tt hps


  • exceptional thermal insulation and energy-saving. Thermal transmittance values Uf of the profiles among the lowest in their category.
  • high resistance, maximum security
  • the slenderness of the profiles (from 48 mm) allows a greater glazed surface and luminosity
  • a wide range of profiles, shapes and finishings for every type of solution


Standard section dimensions: fixed frame 66mm, wing 74mm
Maximum glass width: 57mm
Glass housing height: 22mm
Insulating bars dimension: 32mm
Sealing system air-water: central open-joint and internal sealing gaskets
Housing for accessories: European chamber dimension 14-18mm

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