EKU 75

EKU 75 Doors: practicality and robustness at the service of industry


The EKU 75 series for industrial doors can be used to create an extensive array of typologies, with manual or motorised operation: swing doors, sliding doors with one or more leaves – even overlapping – along with folding doors with two or more leaves and stacking on one or two sides.

The dedicated profiles and accessories have been designed to allow the construction of large doors in terms of both height and width, with the possibility of adding pedestrian access doors and glazed curtain walls, in full compliance with the accident-prevention regulations currently in force in Italy.

A perfect mix of practicality, sturdiness, elegance and functionality allows EKU 75 doors to adapt to any environment and to the most diverse working needs, ensuring excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and suitable thermal insulation.

Moreover, thanks to the range of profiles, finishes and colours, architects and designers have ample freedom to develop solutions capable of reflecting a company’s style.

Advantages of the EKU 75 Doors

  • Exceptional modularity of the profiles
  • Possibility of creating large closures in compliance with current safety requirements
  • Extreme robustness and reliable operation
  • Minimum degree of maintenance
  • A wide range of profiles, forms and finishes to meet any constructive and aesthetic requests


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