EKU aluminium systems for the hospitals of Busto Arsizio, Tradate and Vaprio d’Adda

Within the wider renovation projects of the hospitals of Busto Arsizio (VA), Tradate (VA) and Vaprio d’Adda (MI), new thermal break EKU window and door systems were installed, for a total of about 470 frames.

Unfortunately, in the press we often come across news that underlines the deterioration of hospital facilities and the dysfunctions of the health service. Instead with this case history, we would like to highlight the investments made to improve the quality of the structures of three Lombard hospitals. Among the work carried out there was the replacement of the doors and windows of entire departments with thermal break Eku aluminium systems.

Massimo Castiglioni, one of the partners of CFA, Costruzioni Ferro Alluminio Srl of Casorezzo (MI), the window manufacturer that built and installed the aluminium systems, illustrates the project.

«The first hospital where we intervened was in Busto Arsizio (VA). The old fixtures were replaced with new French windows and casement windows, for a total of 200 windows and doors. About one hundred were installed in the pediatric ward, while the other hundred were in the cardiology department.

For the logistic needs of the hospital, one department was completed first, then the other, in this way the work was carried out without having to interrupt the various services. The hardest aspect, was the creation of about twenty trapezoidal windows with openings, this was to maintain and respect the original style».

The new EKU 66TT HPS aluminium system

The new Eku 66TT HPS system was used as it has been specifically designed to achieve high thermal insulation values. Thanks above all to the new bars of innovative insulating material, the system is able to comply with the restrictive thermal transmittance values imposed by the Lombardy Region and in general by public construction sites located in climate zone E.

The 66TT HPS series increases living comfort and reduces energy costs, without decreasing safety and resistance to the elements. The reduced frames permit a larger glazed area and luminosity.

«We installed 6+6 /12/4+4 acoustic double-glazing achieving a Uw thermal transmittance of less than 1.4 W/m2K and an Rw noise reduction of 42 dB. Moreover, for all window and door frames, the natural anodised finishing with its characteristic silver-gray colour was chosen».

Eku aluminium systems for the Tradate Hospital and Vaprio d’Adda

«Given the satisfaction of the Local Healthcare Agency and the construction company that subcontracted us to replace the frames », continues Massimo Castiglioni, « we were also involved in the renovation of the Tradate Hospital (VA) where we installed about 50 window and doors of the same series for each of the three floors of the Monobloc, for a total of 150 frames.

Finally we also replaced the old windows of the Vaprio d’Adda Hospital (MI). It was a restructuring of the entire complex, all the frames of this small hospital were replaced, even though small it has an important role in the territorial services offered. A total of about 120 window and door frames were installed, again in this case the series used was EKU 66TT HPS with the same double-glazing and finishing as in the hospital of Busto Arsizio ».

Project summary

Type of building
Hospitals – Public buildings
Type of intervention
Replacement of old window and door frames
Location Busto Arsizio (VA), Tradate (VA) and Vaprio d’Adda (MI)
Client The various ASSTs (Territorial Healthcare Agencies)
Construction Company
Coedil (MI)
Window manufacturer
CFA – Costruzioni Ferro Alluminio di Casorezzo (MI)
EKU Systems
Eku 66TT HPS system for thermal break doors and windows