Folding door aluminium system

The series EKU Veranda enable the construction of verandas with bi-fold and concertina doors with lateral folding away. The most striking aspect of this series is the possibility to completely open large walls, ensuring maximum brightness in the living space and providing the pleasant feeling of no longer having barriers between indoors and outdoors

The convenient folding opening system of the EKU Veranda solves the problem of having space taken up by the open doors, a typical problem of large casement windows. A solution that does not in any way affect the performance and still ensures a high level of both thermal and acoustic comfort.
With the EKU Veranda series it is possible to realize glazed or louvred verandas with shutters, to adapt to the many living and architectural requirements and so ensure maximum flexibility of use. The possibility of choosing lowered thresholds removes any type of architectural barrier to allow maximum access to everyone to the living environments.

eku veranda
sezione eku veranda


  • improvement of the thermal and acoustic insulation
  • the possibility to open large walls to have maximum luminosity.
  • high resistance and minimum maintenance.
  • a rich range of profiles, shapes and finishings to realize every type of solution.


Basic dimensions:fixed frame section 48mm wing 40.5 mm
Maximum thickness of the glass:28 mm
Glass housing height:19,5 mm
Air-water sealing system:double central gasket, inner and outer seals
Accessories housing system:sizing for specific fittings

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