EKU Web Communication Strategy

With the recent renewal of the EKU website, it is time to focus on planning activities about online content, which will be functional to strengthening the marketing strategy, aimed at intensifying product and brand communication, to further inform and retain the target audience.

There are many planned activities (some already started) which will be “spread” throughout the year, and which will see EKU products as the absolute protagonists of an effective, concrete and above all optimized communication process from a technical point of view, to better respond to the specific needs of multichannel online communication.

Both on-site and off-site activities will be carried out which will aim, on the one hand, to concretely inform the user, and on the other hand, to create an effective “structure” for an ever-higher affirmation of the EKU brand. in the competitive world of the web.

The main activities will be:

  • Writing and integration of new EKU case histories.
  • Multilingual campaign newsletter.
  • Writing articles for SEO link building strategy.
  • Constant communication through the EKU Facebook page.

Let’s see in detail the main characteristics of each individual activity

Writing and integration of new EKU case histories

Case histories are a fundamental tool to inform users about the strengths of EKU products and represent an important business card for the brand. They can be carried out in various ways: in the form of an interview with a window and door installer, to better highlight the advantages (but also the critical issues) in the choice of EKU systems, or through photographic installation sequences, to emphasize the aesthetics and the wide application range of EKU products. Furthermore, case histories are strategically fundamental to optimize the website from an SEO point of view, aiming at a growing organic presence in search engines.

Multilingual newsletter campaign

Communication via email marketing is nothing new, but in recent years it is increasingly evident that in sectors it is less and less effective if not counterproductive. It is right to ask yourself whether it makes sense to continue investing in this communication channel: in the case of EKU, the answer is definitely yes! This is because communication via email-marketing is still effective aimed at highly profiled databases if specialized, technical, loyal, just as in the case of EKU.

The EKU newsletters, created in Italian and English (here the list of EKU newsletters already created) have very recognizable graphics. They are also available in HTML5 version for correct integration and sharing in social channels.

Writing articles for SEO link building activities

“Leader” activity for a correct off-site communication strategy, link-building campaigns represent a fundamental part of the SEO optimizations that every company should establish if  wants to “dominate” the organic positioning in search engines, in relation to the reference keywords for your sector. In summary, it is about writing informative articles about products and brands, placing them on authoritative websites, with links on specific keywords (the so-called “anchor-text“), in order to receive SEO benefits (the so-called “LinkJuice“) thus enhancing the presence on Google.

EKU has designed an intelligent link-building campaign for the whole of 2022, relying on highly vertical websites with a high SEO profile in terms of authority in search engines.

Constant communication on Facebook Fanpage

With the recent renewal of the Eku website, the Facebook fanpage (www.facebook.com/ekusistemi) has also been optimized through the creation of an effective editorial plan that provides for the release of numerous posts throughout the year, so to further expand the fan base of the page and stay in constant contact with users. The Tone of Voice chosen for EKU communication on Facebook combines synthesis and clarity, without ever neglecting the technical component that characterizes EKU systems and which is highly appreciated by the target audience. The recognition of the brand will be constantly studied on the fanpage through an ad hoc graph and the posts will see an alternation of product communication, case histories and news.

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