Eku continues its presentation tour of the “Posa Qualità Serramenti” brand

Tour di presentazione del progetto Posa Qualità SerramentiThe first to obtain the “Progettazione Posa Qualità Serramenti” (Quality Door & Window Installer – Designer) brand, Eku is continuing its tour to present the project to a select number of door and window installers in cooperation with its partner distributors. In the wake of the meetings held in Turin, Udine, Milan, Treviso and Rome in previous months, in the first days of June the tour reached Taranto and then Naples in late June.

“We saw good attendance levels and the subscriptions to the project are starting to come in”, comments Mauro Durazzi, the Commercial Director of the construction division of Profilati.

“I would like to thank Pietro Gimelli, the General Director of Unicmi, for his cooperation and ability in presenting clearly and effectively the objectives and benefits of an initiative that could become a valid competitive edge for participating installers compared to their market rivals”.

As underlined repeatedly in the various meetings by Marco Galliani, CEO of the Profilati Group, of which Eku is the construction systems division, one should thank PVC for occupying the market segment that once belonged to aluminum fixtures, i.e. that of “popular”, low price products.

Tour di presentazione del progetto Posa Qualità Serramenti 2Today, aluminum doors and windows are elegant products that ensure top performance. But in order to upgrade one must firmly stabilise what one already does, and do what others don’t. Hence the opportunity of the “Posa Qualità Serramenti” brand. After all, a finished product is truly finished only when it is installed.

“System designers, distributors and installers are all in the same boat, and they must move as one”, exhorts Mauro Durazzi. The communication through the Web of the “In Fissa Per” project had a strong impact, greater than expected. Now is the time for qualification.

“Posa Qualità Serramenti” brand is the only brand that guarantees the final consumer the all-round quality of the fixture. The warranty that comes with the brand guarantees this quality for up to 10 years. These are two extraordinary sale levers that can be pulled to rise above the rest.

Marchio Posa Qualità SerramentiIn the second half of the meeting, Pietro Gimelli illustrated in detail the “Posa Qualità Serramenti” brand, showing how it is the only brand to be recognised and promoted by all of the Italian associations operating in the doors and windows industry.

A brand that, thanks to the “Posa Qualità” insurance, allows to lead the market, to push the right sales buttons, to sell more quality products and better, with the right profit while guaranteeing that the final consumer receives quality.

The meetings provide all of the information on how to acquire the brand and insurance coverage: who is entitled to use the brand, which testing assessments are to be passed, how to maintain brand use entitlement, the purpose of the convention, brand and insurance costs.

From the Posaqualita.it website one can download the regulations concerning the “Posa Qualità Serramenti” brand and the application form for the first concession of brand user rights.

For further information regarding the upcoming meetings to be organized, please fill in the form.


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