Internal doors aluminium system

The series EKU door enables the consruction of interior doors with aluminum telescopic frames in order to adapt to any size of wall, with hinged or sliding retractable wings. Elegant with doors entirely of glass and customizable accessories with various finishings, or classic with a wing in wood or aluminum and glass.The countless finishings and rounded profile shapes allow the interior doors of the series EKU door to adapt to different living and architectural requirements and so ensure maximum flexibility of use.


  • the telescopic frame enables the mounting on all wall sizes.
  • a wing completely in glass, wood or aluminium and glass. countless profile finishings and accessories to meet every aesthetic need.
  • opening wing or sliding retractable in the wall for every application.


Standard section dimensions:variable fixed frame, wing 47mm
Maximum glass/panel width:40mm panel, 10mm glass
Glass housing height:22mm
Sealing system air:sealing gaskets
Housing for accessories:specifc dimensions for the appropriate accessories