A practical and functional system

The ventilated curtain walling system pv eku is made of a structure of aluminium mullions and accessories that allow the fixing of a covering of aluminium sheet panels or composite materials type alucobond. A version with semi-structural and structural glass is also available. EKU fv enables the construction of ventilated curtain walling in a simple and convenient way. It is a practical and effective system not only for the construction of new industrial facilities, offices or commercial buildings, but especially for the renovation and upgrading of existing facilities.

The ventilated curtain walling protects the existing building from the action of wind and rain and ensures excellent acoustic insulation. The main benefit of this system is the improvement in energy efficiency, in fact, the air that is created in the cavity due to the so-called “chimney effect” and the protection of the existing walling from direct sunlight allow a significant reduction in energy requirements of the building, both in winter and in summer.
The panels in aluminium and composite materials come in various finishings and colours to meet every architectural and aesthetic need.


  • protection of the underlying walling from the direct action of atmospheric agents
  • better thermal and acoustic insulation and better living comfort
  • the movement of air in the cavity helps to dry out possible infiltrations of water and keep out the heat accumulated in the external covering from direct contact with the sunlight
  • the possibility to use various materials for the ventilated panelling to obtain particular aesthetic finishings
  • the simplicity of the mounting system

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