EKU Pe 60 – Pe 70 – EKU 100 Slide: non-insulated sliding systems with broad views

Cold” systems for large-sized sliding doors and windows with two, three or four panels and wide glass areas, bringing character and light to your home. Good value and simple to build, they have an attractive line and a light appearance.

Thanks to their flexibility and structural strength, they can be used for a wide number of building applications: villas and apartments with gardens, terraces or pools, hospitality structures (hotels, restaurants etc.), large glass windows and in general everywhere visual continuity with the outside is important.

For some project requirements, these systems solvethe classic problem of casement doors and windows – the space taken up by opening the door or window – without compromising heat and noise performance.

These solutions are still popular today, despite increased requests for energy saving.

All three series guarantee:

  • sufficient heat insulation in climate zones where conditions are temperate;
  • excellent airtight and waterproof qualities;
  • good degree of noise reduction.

Other advantages EKU Pe 60 – Pe 70 – EKU 100 Slide

  • they are highly resistant and need minimum maintenance;
  • no space taken up by doors or windows;
  • vast range of profiles, shapes and finishes to satisfy all requests for customisation.