Perfektion HPS

Thermal break aluminium system for casement openings

The EKU Perfektion HPS system is the result of the evolution of the Perfektion range by using larger insulation bars, this enables the achievement of superior thermal performance and increases the glazed surface while maintaining the same minimal aesthetics.

As in the previous system, the EKU Perfektion HPS high-performance windows have slender, essential lines for contemporary aesthetics that aim at maximum luminosity while minimizing the visible surface of the profile. The result is a larger glazed area and a high thermal and acoustic insulation that ensures unparalleled living comfort.

The style of this refined minimal design does not compromise the functionality and combines a sophisticated quality of insulating materials with the perfect functioning of the hidden accessories, integrated within the profile itself. All of these factors enable the creation of heavy leafs with maximum security against burglary.


  • an essential, minimal design, obtained by reducing to the minimum possible the visible profile (70 mm) and by using concealed accessories.
  • lower final thermal transmittance (Uw) thanks to the reduced profile area and larger glazed surface.
  • higher quality materials with a superior performance
  • maximum resistance, minimum maintenance.
  • maximum luminosity.
  • a wide range of profiles and finishings to meet every building and aesthetic need.


Standard section dimensions:fixed frame 70mm, wing 80 mm
Maximum glass width:38mm frame, 50 mm wing
Glass housing height:21mm frame, 16 mm wing
Insulating bars dimension:32 mm
Sealing system air-water:central open-joint and internal sealing gaskets
Housing for accessories:European chamber dimension 14-18 mm

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