EKU Perfektion Slide as protagonist on Infissaper.it

To underline how aluminium windows are nowadays able to guarantee high-level benefits by offering the maximum glazed surface, the Infissaper.it portal dedicates extensive space to EKU Perfektion Slide, a cutting-edge sliding door in the world of aluminium frames.

Indeed, the Perfektion Slide demonstrates a minimalist aesthetic – with a central display of only 30 mm – without compromising the performance offered. The possibility of having large-scale mirrors, of installing double glazing and of using highly-performing insulating materials all guarantee a high-end performance.

In addition to the classic sliding doors with two or more panels, with EKU Perfektion Slide, it is possible to create sliding doors and windows with panels that disappear into the wall. It is also possible to have a solution with a “panoramic” 90° closure and the absence of a central corner post when the doors are open. This type of opening allows you to create a particular continuity between the internal and external spaces – especially appreciated during the summer months – and to enhance the brightness and comfort of the rooms.

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