EKU Perfektion systems: minimal design, maximal performance

Attractive, streamlined, modern – we are not talking about a new car model but of an aluminium window: EKU Perfektion, the latest series developed by the Profilati Group. The clean, meticulous, minimalist style is a strong point in this range of doors and windows, being aimed at those who love sober furnishings and those seeking geometric simplicity in spaces. The fundamental element is natural light – indeed, the external panorama is offered through an extra component of the décor, especially with the use of door windows with extensive mirroring.

Still, the project behind this refined design does not forget:

  • The possibility of customisation, thanks to the broad range of openings, colours and finishes.
  • The functionality of the door and window that combines the refined quality of the materials with the perfect functioning of the concealed accessories.
  • Great benefits, as can be expected from a solution with such a fundamental character.

An example of the benefits?
The EKU Perfektion Alu glass-panelled door window – with a glazing bead whose geometric shape aesthetically recalls traditional iron windows – has been subjected to water-air-wind tests by ITC-CNR in San Giuliano Milanese. The window with 2 panels, one of which is swinging, with a TZ central node and dimensions of 1700 x 2500 mm, has achieved:

  • Class 4 – the maximum – in the air permeability test;
  • Class E1050 – beyond the maximum class – in water tightness;
  • Class B4 in wind load resistance.

Considering the size of the sample and a TZ central node which shows only 95 mm, the values obtained are truly exceptional.

Thus, from an aesthetic and performance point of view, EKU Perfektion doors and windows offer a truly profound response both to the demands of modern architecture and to the needs of the building replacement and redevelopment market.

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