Perfektion Wood

Thermal break aluminium wood system for casement openings

EKU Perfektion Wood high-performance windows have slim and basic lines for a contemporary aesthetic that focuses on maximum brightness by minimizing the visible surface of the profile. The project behind this refined and minimal design does not overlook functionality but combines a refined quality in the insulating materials with the perfect functioning of the concealed accessories, integrated within the profile itself.

The result is a larger glazed area combined with high thermal and acoustic insulation that ensures unparalleled everyday comfort. Thanks to the internal cladding in precious solid wood, the fixture creates a warm and welcoming living environment whilst the aluminium on the outside ensures an almost total absence of maintenance despite the excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.

perfektion wood


  • minimal design, achieved by reducing the visible profile of the sash to the minimum possible (73 mm) and using the concealed System 16 mm accessories
  • improved final thermal transmittance (Uw) thanks to the smaller area of the profiles and a greater glass surface
  • superior-quality materials for high-level performance
  • maximum resistance, minimum maintenance
  • maximum brightness
  • a wide range of profiles and finishes to satisfy all kinds of aesthetic and constructive needs
  • the elegance of wood combined with the practicality and resistance of aluminium


Basic dimensions:65 mm fixed frame profile, 82 mm sash profile
Maximum glass thickness:34 mm
Glass casement height:21 mm frame, 17.5 mm sash
Size of the insulating bars:24 mm
Air-sealing system:central open joint gasket and internal soundproofing gasket
Slot for housing accessories:standard size for multipoint lock hardware 12/20–13 mm

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