EKU Solutions for Bidachem in Fornovo San Giovanni (BG), the Italian chemical centre of the Boehringer Ingelheim Group

For the realization of the building that houses the new quality department of Bidachem, 3 systems were chosen: the Eku 66 TT HPS system for the ribbon windows, Eku 50 Glass S for the curtain walling and Eku Grid for the sunblind paneling.

Bidachem of Fornovo San Giovanni (Bergamo) is a chemical-pharmaceutical center that plays a strategic role within the German multi-national Boehringer Ingelheim. It produces active substances used in the treatment of serious diseases in the cardiovascular, oncological and diabetes areas. On the site, completed last year, the new quality laboratory is located where the chemical-physical analysis of the active substances is carried out.

«The construction had to be different from the typical structure of an industrial building» underlines the architect Antonio Gastoldi, designer and project manager. «Although it is part of a production center, our goal was to avoid the monotony of the typical industrial building». Being a prefabricated structure, much work had to be done on the exterior appearance.

The monotony is interrupted by combining the transparent ribbon windows and curtain walling with the opaque panels in Alucobond, with their alternating colours. A combination that also includes the sunblind pannelling of the roof, with a purely aesthetic function: like a screen, it hides the machinery on the roof of the building from an external eye.

Eku systems for ribbon windows, facades and sunblinds

All the windows and doors are made of ribbon systems with the insertion of some wings, for a total surface area of 126m² (anthracite grey finishing). The system used is the EKU 66 TT HPS with tempered double glazing 6/chamber 20 with argon/44.1 low emissive gas (Ug = 1.0 W/m2K). In this way a thermal transmittance Uw lower than 1.4 W/m2K is easily obtained, as required by the current legislation. With the same system, 30m² of security exit doors were produced with double paneling containing rock wool instead of glass.

For the 135m² of curtain walling, it has been chosen the EKU 50 Glass S system, which uses the same mullion and transom design as the EKU 50 Glass, but is equipped with a specific fixing system that creates a very pleasant, linear and modern facade.

«It was a standard intervention» explains Angelo Di Tuccio of the Aluminum Division of F.O.R.S. Srl «however the only difficulty was fixing the frames to the prefabricated concrete structure, an goal achieved by using a system of insulated galvanized sheet panels and specially designed aluminum paneling. Another peculiarity is the glass roof shelter built above the entrance door».

EKU Grid, on the other hand, is the system used for the aluminum sunblind paneling that run along the perimeter of the roof.

Green soul

The chemical center is also distinguished by its attention to the environment. On the production site there is a garden and bee hives producing about 150 kilos of honey. Acacia, Linden and Wildflower honey that was offered to the visitors at the inauguration of the new laboratory held on the 20th September last year.

«An attention and a sensibility, reflected externally by the insertion of green areas and pools of water» explains the architect Gastoldi. «A continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces was also created, including a pool of water inside the building. At the entrance and in the meeting room, white paneling with decorations in brushed aluminum, representing stylized trees, recall the external garden».

Project summary

Type of building Industrial building with internal quality laboratories
Type of intervention New construction
Location Fornovo San Giovanni (Bergamo – Italy)
Client Bidachem Spa
Architectural project and work supervision
Arch. Antonio Gastoldi
Window system manufacturer FORS Srl- Barbata (Bergamo – Italy)
EKU Systems
  • Eku 66 TT HPS for thermal break windows
  • Eku 50 Glass S for curtain walling
  • Eku Grid for sunblind panelling