Eku Woodart TT Thermoplus 98: Passivhaus-level performance

With Eku Woodart TT Thermoplus 98, aluminum, wood and new insulating materials come together to guarantee excellent thermal performance, one of the best of all EKU opening casement solutions.

The Eku Woodart TT Thermoplus 98 aluminum/wood thermal break doors and windows are designed to meet the most demanding energy standards: their heat insulating properties make them conforming to Passivhaus and Casaclima Class A+ standards.

Isoterme Eku Woodart TT Thermoplus 98The IMS Institute of Belgrade has conducted a test on a 1230×1480 mm sized window based on European standards. The window with triple glazing having Ug equal to 0.56 W/m2K offers a thermal transmittance Uw equal to 0.76 W/m2K. This performance was made possible thanks to the use of insulating bars and inserts made using new very low heat conductivity (lambda value) materials.

Woodart TT Thermoplus 98 doors and windows offer a ‘plus’ not only in terms of thermal insulation, but also in terms of elegance and customisation. The internal section, made of superior solid wood, makes the interior atmosphere of the rooms warmer and brighter, thanks to its natural and warm elegance. On the outside, the aluminum ensures very high weather resistance and is practically totally maintenance-free.

The wide assortment of finishes, colours and wood grains allows to insert these casements seamlessly into any architectural setup and with any type of furnishing.

Combinations possible with Eku Woodart TT Thermoplus 98

Disegno tecnico Eku Woodart TT Thermoplus 98With this line it is possible to create thermal break aluminum/wood doors and windows with one or more panes and with various types of structure opening and movement solutions: fixed, casement, hopper, tilt and turn, awning, horizontal or vertical pivot, parallel sliding.

Strong points of Eku Woodart TT Thermoplus 98

  • Excellent heat insulation performance with heat transmittance values (Uw) compliant with Passivhaus construction standards;
  • Good sound reduction;
  • The elegance of wood combined with the strength of aluminum;
  • High resistance and minimal maintenance;
  • Great assortment of profiles, shapes and finishes for creating any kind of solution.

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