EKU Woodart TT

Thermal break aluminium wood system for casement openings

EKU WOODART TT is the most prestigious of the casement opening series EKU designed to meet the most stringent energy requirements of the current European standards, this series is ideal for private housing and for the realization of every construction where elegance and high performance are required.
The combination of the “thermal break” technology with the natural, inherent insulating properties of wood, enable the windows made with the profiles of the series EKU woodart tt to guarantee an optimum level of comfort, both thermal and acoustic.

Thanks to the internal profile covering of fine solid wood, the frame becomes an object which can blend with elegance to the existing furnishings, creating a warm and welcoming environment.
The presence of aluminium externally, ensures the almost complete absence of maintenance, eliminating the need to carry out costly repairs due to the deterioration caused by atmospheric agents.

eku woodart tt


  • excellent thermal insulation, the thermal transmittance values (uf) of the profiles are among the best in their category.
  • high resistance and minimum maintenance
  • the elegance of wood combined with the practical benefits of aluminium.
  • a rich assortment of profiles, shapes and finishings to realize every solution.


Basic dimensions:fixed frame section 62.5 mm, wing 82.5 mm
Maximum thickness of the glass:30 mm
Glass housing height:19 mm
Insulation bar dimensions:16mm fixed frame, 24mm wing
Air-water sealing system:external seal, central open joint seal and internal soundproofing seal
Accessories housing seat:standard size for ribbon stripping 12/20 – 13
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