EKU Woodart aluminium and wood doors and windows – united we… are comfortable

A series for aluminium and wood doors and windows, casement, without thermal break. The charm of wood with the potential of aluminium, an exclusive union of elegance and protection.

EKU Woodart windows combine these two materials to offer that “something extra” in elegance and performance. Outside, the aluminium profile is strong and long-lasting, protecting our rooms against the weather. Inside, a layer of solid wood enhances and brightens up our home with its naturally “warm” elegance.

The wide range of finishes, colours and woods allows these doors and windows to blend harmoniously with any architectural style and in all kinds of décor.

EKU Woodart profiles ensure better heat insulation than equivalent profiles without the wooden finish. Combined with proper double-glazing, for example low-emission, you can respect the heat transfer limits imposed by standards of energy saving in construction, currently in force in Italy.

Advantages of EKU Woodart:

  • good heat insulation, ensured by their wood cladding, a natural insulator;
  • excellent performance regarding airtightness, watertightness and resistance to wind load;
  • good sound insulation;
  • high resistance and minimum maintenance;
  • vast range of profiles, shapes, openings and finishes to satisfy all requests for customisation.