Giax Tower – an eco-sustainable residential tower

Giax Tower: high-level style and sustainability

EKU systems for the façade encasing the two panoramic elevators of the Giax Tower, an innovative residential complex just a short distance from the Maciachini Center in Milan.

Class A energy certification, geothermal technology, solar panels, home automation, a heated communal swimming pool, gym, spa, hanging gardens, fine finishes and solar shading – this short list underlines the innovativeness of the Giax Tower, as the new residential building to go up in one of the liveliest areas of urban transformation in Milan. Indeed, the complex is located behind the Maciachini Center, the new business hub owned by Assicurazioni Generali, born from the conversion of the former Carlo Erba. This strategic location is in the immediate vicinity of the main motorway and railway access points, thus allowing easy accessibility to the entire metropolitan area and to the airports of Milano Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio. The district also offers a plethora of places of excellence, from large healthcare facilities to universities and cultural locations including the Niguarda and Galeazzi hospitals, the Polytechnic University and the Triennale Bovisa being just a few examples.
With 25 floors and a height of 90 metres, the tower represents a “vertical” and eco-sustainable response to residential problems. As underlined by Architect Sandra Gelmetti, the goal was to create a building with great aesthetic impact, one that would constitute a landmark for this area with the aim of creating “more centres”, more qualified areas similar to that which occurs in other large European cities. The Giax Tower offers a new model for living, one in which style, quality materials and technology are aimed at energy savings and everyday well-being.

Technology and eco-sustainability

Certified as Class A, the building is equipped with systems that exploit geothermal energy for heating and cooling the abodes, for the production of sanitary water and for heating the condominium’s swimming pool. Further energy savings on consumption are also guaranteed by the production of electricity by the solar panels installed on the roof.
The tower rests on a sort of high plinth, with a common area that offers the inhabitants a green area and space for relaxation. In addition to a gym, spa and library room, the terrace floor offers some 6,000 square metres of hanging gardens, walkways paved with wooden slats and a 20-metre swimming pool serving a triple purpose – that of a thermal flywheel for the heat pump unit, that of a driving force for the water in the fire-fighting system and that of cooling and comfort for the inhabitants throughout the summer. The garages are located on the first and second basement levels where, in line with the eco-sustainable choices adopted for the entire project, sockets for recharging electric cars have been installed.

Distinctive features

Three aspects characterise the tower:

  • The lodges – The tower is in fact surrounded by loggias, a rare feature for skyscrapers.
  • The brise-soleil – The building is equipped with sunshades with horizontal slats, fastened at the four corners and mobile along the north and south fronts, being electrically regulated and operated thanks to the home automation systems present in each housing unit. The brise-soleil undoubtedly represents the architectural element that most characterises the complex, conferring rhythm to the solid and slender aspects of the compositional volume of the tower. This helps protect the indoor environments, shielding from sunlight and heat in the summer whilst protecting from the cold air in the winter.
  • The two exposed elevators – The nocturnal effect of the two illuminated capsules enlivening the façade is particularly striking.

To create the façade that encases the two panoramic elevators, the EKU 50 Glass mullion-transom system for curtain walls was utilised, with 6 + 6 stratified extra-clear glass covering total area of 330 square metres. The finished structure is characterised by a marked simplicity and minimal visual encumbrance.

Giax Tower project sheet

Type of Building Residential tower
Type of Operation New construction
Location Via Imbonati 62/2 – Milan
Client Milano 1 Srl
Project Manager Beltrame Gelmetti Architetti Associati – Arch. Sandra Gelmetti
Architectural Project
  • Beltrame Gelmetti Architetti Associati
  • De Architectura Srl
Structural Design BCV Progetti
Construction Supervision
  • De Architectura Srl (Arch. Conti – Arch. Castiglioni)
  • Beltrame Gelmetti Architetti Associati (Arch. Sandra Gelmetti)
Plant Engineering Energy Consulting
Executing Company CMB
Window and Door Company Serramenti Srl (MO)
EKU Systems EKU 50 Glass for mullion-transom façades