Iron-window style for “Casello 104”

The renovation and expansion of a roadhouse of the Italian railways, between Morgano and Badoere, has given life to “Casello 104”, a new tourist structure along the Treviso-Ostiglia cyclepath. For the windows, the Eku Perfektion Ferro HPS and Eku Perfektion Slide systems were chosen in order to highlight the structure of the building with the use of materials linked to the historical context.

Along the Treviso-Ostiglia cycle and pedestrian path, in the heart of the Treviso area, on one of the most popular routes for cyclists and cycle tourists, an old tollbooth of the former railway, at via Bosco, between Morgano and Badoere, has been renovated to give life to “Casello 104”, a new tourist accommodation and recreational facility.

The initiative joins the project to create a series of refreshment areas along the Treviso-Ostiglia road and the Sile Park Greenway.

Rediscover the essence of the building

Iron-window style for “Casello 104” - 7

«The renovation of the roadhouse was accompanied by the construction of a new part that includes the restaurant with cafeteria and kitchen» explains the architect Daniele Rostirolla, designer and project manager.

«The characterizing element of the intervention is the adoption of a simple architecture, capable of highlight the structure, the essence of the roadhouse. There was dark plaster which we didn’t want to redo to show off the brick facade.

Materials have been used that recall the railway, so in the fences, in the dividers, in the facings, in the pergolas and in the windows, we wanted to use as much as possible iron, gravel and also wood for the roof, completely replaced and re-proposed in its original form.

It was therefore a “soft” intervention, where even the new part is not predominant, but is perceived as an accessory that penetrates the roadhouse: after all, inside there is no interruption of use.

Through a small breakthrough of the load-bearing wall – always on non-relevant elements – the use of the internal spaces was ensured to be unitary».

A space for cultural and social events

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In the restructured area, the lower part is therefore dedicated for a restaurant business. In the area of the upper floor, an open space room has been created – from which three rooms can eventually be done – for a social service.

In fact, an agreement has already been signed with the Municipality of Morgano for the public use of this space, for which various cultural, social, tourist, etc. events have been held.

«I hope that the rooms will never be built» continues the architect. Rostirolla, «because in my opinion we would decrease the value of the room, also because from the room there is an almost nineteenth-century /360° panorama: you can see the mountains as far as the eye can see, the cyclepath, the rural environment, without seeing particular impact.

We can admire an environment that is still untouched in some respects. The hall, as it is, is open to thousand of possibilities».

The typical charm of the iron-window

Going back to the façade, before the intervention there were blind shutters, which were not re-proposed to avoid spoiling the façade in its essence, internal blackout curtains were chosen in their place.

Iron-window style for “Casello 104” - 10

Hence also the choice of aluminum windows: «on the one hand we needed a window that guaranteed strength and durability, on the other that evoked the iron element and the Eku Perfektion Ferro HPS systems combine the aesthetics and charm of the ancient iron-window the non-deformability and safety of aluminum frames with thermal break.

The Eku windows are inserted by creating a harmonious contrast with the stringcourse in Istrian stone and with the rough bricks, sanctioning the different use of the building».

«Given the context, we immediately proposed the Eku Perfektion Ferro HPS window» explains Gianluca Carollo, owner of Carollo Serramenti, which produced and installed all the windows.

«To recall even more the charm of the iron-window, the cast iron color was chosen. In the restructuring of the roadhouse, the shape of the previous fixtures was maintained, with an arch in the upper part.

Given the absence of external blinds, it was decided to equip the windows with selective double glazing, which lets visible light through, blocking that part of light radiation that produce sheat. The Uw thermal transmittance value is less than 1.3 W/m2K».

Iron-window style for “Casello 104” - 3

The same finish also for the windows of the new part. «Here the most evident element is the large sliding window: 9.5 meters wide by 2.5 meters high, with two central opening doors, made with the Eku Perfektion Slide system.

This system is equipped with adjustable carriages, with parallel wheels, which can support loads of up to 500 kg for each door. Not only that: they allow for correct weight distribution of the four wheels on the track, in any condition.

Of course, we had to study the laying angle well, in order to obtain a smooth and uniform sliding. Even the sliding door has selective glass to ensure adequate comfort in the main room, since the glass is directly exposed to sunlight».

Project at a glance

Building typeCommercial Building – Public use
Type of workRenovation and expansion
LocationCasello 104 – Between Morgano e Badoere (Treviso province)
ClientBonaventura Express (TV)
Architectural ProjectArch. Daniele Rostirolla
Structural DesignEng. Milko Roncato
Project ManagementArch. Daniele Rostirolla
Executing companyCarollo Serramenti Snc (TV)
EKU System1. EKU Perfektion Ferro HPS – Minimal thermal break casement windows
2. EKU Perfektion Slide – Minimal thermal break sliding windows

Photo: Courtesy of Carollo Serramenti Snc

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