LogiKal EKU-Edition, an additional tool to give a further competitive edge to our partners

Thanks to our collaboration with Orgadata and the development of the EKU-Edition version of the well-known software, we are able to offer, at very favourable conditions, further concrete support for the work of window and door manufacturers.

Gianluca Buscaroli - Responsabile Ufficio tecnico Eku

We had anticipated it in a previous newsletter, but now the release of the ‘LogiKal EKU-Edition’ software is official.” The initiative stems from the desire to offer a valuable tool to our partners”.

“The LogiKal software, in fact, effectively accompanies manufacturers along the entire path of construction of windows and doors, from the calculation of the quotes to the ordering of materials, from the design of the frames to the production planning, always proposing the most suitable components and most appropriate solutions”.

“With the EKU-Edition we are able to offer the Orgadata software with a dedicated look, with our logo and with the databases of our constantly updated systems. The development and maintenance of the databases is also provided free of charge by the German company.
The promotional activity by our commercial team has already started and the interested clients are being put in contact with the Italian Orgadata office”.

This special edition is offered to the market at extremely favourable conditions compared to the standard version. “Our clients will have the first three months free and the following nine months at 50% of the standard cost. They will also have a suite for working in autocad always free of charge”.

Also in the EKU-Edition version, the software allows the uploading of databases of other system producers, obviously for a fee, based on the prices established by Orgadata.

“This is a project in which we believe greatly as it will confirm our company as an essential partner in the eyes of medium-large window and door manufacturers, who are our principal target, and allows us to offer an economically advantageous opportunity to insert our databases”.