New perspectives with the EKU 170 AS TT series sliding doors

The EKU 170 AS TT series for lift-slide doors and sliding doors with thermal break has been designed to create large fixtures with extensive glazed surfaces, capable of combining elegance, practicality and performance. Ideal for both private and commercial buildings, the EKU 170 AS TT lift-slide door offers maximum brightness to the living space along with that pleasant feeling of no longer having obstacles between the internal and external environments, ensuring the necessary protection from atmospheric agents together with high thermal and acoustic insulation.

The EKU 170 AS TT is equipped with hardware that allows large panels to be opened and closed with a fluid, light and silent movement paired with a low, completely insulated threshold, in line with the regulations on the elimination of architectural barriers. It is possible to integrate an automated opening system equipped with special sensors that stop the movement of the panels in the presence of obstacles.
With the EKU 170 AS TT, it is even possible to create lift-slide or sliding doors and windows with one or more panels that can be opened or fixed, with two or three sliding tracks.

  • Good thermal insulation guaranteed by the insulating bars – the Uf thermal transmittance of the profiles is equal to 2.4–4 W/m2K
  • Good noise reduction with Rw = 38–41 dB (depending on the double glazing utilised)
  • Excellent sealing performance with:
    • Class 4 air permeability
    • Class 8A water tightness
    • Class C5 wind load resistance
  • No encumbrance of the panels
  • A refined design that satisfies all aesthetic needs
  • High resistance and minimal maintenance
  • The possibility of creating large glass panels with maximum brightness
  • A rich assortment of profiles, forms and finishes to create any kind of solution
  • Maximum carriage capacity of 400 Kg
  • Resistance to burglary

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