New reduced threshold for the sliding system Eku Perfektion Slide

Our Technical Office, after a detailed study, has designed an advantageous and exclusive solution for the sliding system Eku Perfektion Slide, a solution that is ideal also for renovations.

In the last years, the sliding system Eku Perfektion Slide has managed to win the favour of window-makers, retailers and end-consumers, thanks to the perfect continuity it offers between the external and internal environments. The larger glazed surface of the closed windows, thanks to the minimal profiles, allows a wide unobstructed view, whereas with the windows open, the spaces can be enjoyed in complete freedom, comfort and safety.

An easy and smooth transition between the exterior and interior is now possible, even in cases of renovations where it is not possible to intervene on the floor and incorporate a sunken threshold. The Technical Office of Eku has developed a new reduced threshold, only 25mm high, which offers a very limited obstruction and respects the regulations for architectural barriers. Moreover, the height of the channel where the carriages slide, is only 9 mm, therefore considerably reduced compared to the classic frame

It has also been necessary to study a new drainage system by inserting a specifically designed slide under the frame which, through external slots and bushing with internal valves, allows an easy elimination of water. Moreover, there is always the possibility to sink the threshold and incorporate it in the floor, in this case the channel is practically imperceptible if trampled on when passing over it.

Performance is kept intact, the pride of the system. A sliding door with 2 wings, 3,000 × 2,500 mm, with an Ug glazing value equal to 0.6 W/m2K and Psi equal to 0.05 W/mK offers a thermal transmittance value of Uw 1.12 W/m2K for a visible frame and 0.84 W/m2K for a built-in, incorporated frame. Also:

  • air permeability: Class 4;
  • water tightness: Class 8A;
  • resistance to wind load: Class C4.