Perfektion logo: a fundamental step to compete in the interior furnishing market

After a detailed study and the presentation to the sales force and distribution network, the Perfektion logo has been unveiled, a fundamental step to position this range of window and door systems in the interior furnishing sector.

At the end of 2018, as the Profilati Group, we embarked on a path of renewal of our image, starting from the Profilati logo and culminating now in the creation of the Perfektion logo. This is an important step that reflects our objective to have this range of window and doors seen no longer only as “technical” products for the building industry, but also as design elements for interior furnishing.

«The design of a specific logo for the Perfektion range has undergone a long maturation» underlines Enrico Contarato, Head of direct distribution for the Profilati Group. «The product was presented for the first time in 2013 at the last Saie exhibition in Bologna, however at the time it was the object of criticism from those who believed we were taking the wrong direction. In reality, we were ahead of our time.

We never stopped believing in this solution and in fact our perseverance was rewarded, when a few years ago, through feedback from our sales force, we discovered that the term Perfektion was being often used ‘par excellence’ to represent minimal aluminium windows. The Perfektion range had become the benchmark for identifying minimalist design window and door frames. At this point it seemed right to us that the natural evolution was to create a distinct logo».


Farewell to the traditional “technical” window and door system

Elegance, beauty and exclusivity are the three factors that characterize the Perfektion range and these factors were considered when creating the Perfektion logo. These are three emotional and non-technical features. Technical and performance requirements are necessary for a system to be present on the market and, in some respects, are taken for granted.

Perfektion frames are not to be considered only as classical technical products, but as furnishing elements, extensions of the interior furnishings of a home. To emphasize this differentiation, an existing design was not used for the new logo, but a distinct one was created.

We also required an identifying symbol – what in the language of graphic design is called a pictogram – to mark certain profiles and accessories to make the Perfektion brand more recognizable.

The original idea was of Dr. Marco Galliani, CEO of the Profilati Group, the red ‘k’ representing the thermal ‘k’, present both in the Eku and in the Perfektion brand mark, was reflected on itself as in a mirror, becoming a type of asterisk at the end of the logo, a reminder of the brand’s roots and at the same time an evolution that looks towards the future

An exciting welcome

A month ago, at our showroom in Bologna, the Perfektion logo was presented to the entire Italian and foreign sales force and to the direct distribution network. At the presentation held by Dr. Marco Galliani, everyone applauded, some even giving a standing ovation.

«There has been a strong and significant feedback,» continues Enrico Contarato, «the logo and the values it represents were immediately understood as being something different and important. In the following days the agents showed it to our clients and also for them this step was necessary to create an idea of exclusivity for this range of products».


News on the horizon for the Perfektion range

In February 2019, the lowered threshold of the Perfektion Slide was presented, which is enjoying a great success, because it simplifies significantly the installation phase as large drainage works at the base are no longer needed. We are also studying wing-carriages with a capacity of 750-800 kg, given that the market requires increasingly larger glassed areas. Finally, in 2020, we will present the guillotine and pivot variants, specifically designed for foreign markets, where the product has been obtaining flattering feedback

Although Perfektion is primarily intended for residential use, we have completed a line of doors for non-residential use. This is a response to all those interventions that have to be carried out in historical centres where there are shops of a certain caliber, in which it is necessary to maintain a minimal line. In fact, we often find ourselves replacing those minimal frames of the early 1900s, made of iron and hand-painted. In these cases, the architect or client need to respect a certain aesthetic standard while maintaining an essential line.

Furthermore, for the Anglo-Saxon countries, we are designing a line with a wing opening towards the outside. Finally, in September, we expect to be able to present a two-wing solution for Perfektion Strutturale

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