Perfektion Slide HPS

Thermal break aluminium system for sliding openings

PERFEKTION SLIDE HPS is the top sliding window in its category. The reduced area of the profiles, the greater glazed surface, the ability to bear loads of up to 800 kg and to mount shatterproof glass with a thickness up to 60 mm, all whilst maintaining surprising smoothness and functionality, render this the perfect synthesis between beauty and practicality. Furthermore, the use of insulating materials with greater dimensions make this series highly performing in terms of final thermal transmittance (Uw).

The windows use anti-burglary locks and can be integrated with automations and home automation systems to offer even greater security and control options. The system is designed to be the optimal solution for all types of housing needs, when large sliding doors and windows are to be created.


  • elegant and minimal design achieved by reducing the visible profile as much as possible
  • superior thermal insulation and light transmission
  • the possibility of creating large windows with very heavy panels
  • the utmost ease in construction and assembly
  • the option to completely recess the frame and sash in the wall and floor
  • possibility of using lowered thresholds for renovations
  • high resistance, minimum maintenance
  • a wide range of colors and finishes


Basic dimensions:188 mm fixed frame profile, 71 mm sash profile
Glass casement height:15.5 mm sash
Max. glass or panel width:60 mm
Size of the insulating bars:40 mm
Air-sealing system:internal and external seals, brush seals
Maximum carriage capacity:500–800 Kg per panel

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