Professionalism in proposing Made in Italy

The quality of the Italian product and extreme attention to installation are the central points of the offering from Centro Infissi in Castelveccana (VA), an EKU partner. Chartered Surveyor Claudio Di Lorito, owner of the company, talks about this.

If you were to present Centro Infissi in a single concept, what would it be?

It is a solid and meticulous company in terms of its work, being strongly committed to presenting and supplying its clients only and exclusively with an Italian product.

What is your market area?

The province of Varese – with some focus on Milan – and the Canton of Ticino.

Who is your ideal client?

In 90% of cases, our client is a private individual who is aiming towards renewal and restructuring. Even if the case history includes talk of a restaurant, that job nevertheless came through a private individual.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have an exhibition area extending some 400 square metres. As a Chartered Surveyor, I was directly involved in the design of both this new showroom and the office area. On display is everything related to fixtures for the home, except for accessories such as skylights and stairs. So, there are the aluminium and PVC windows and doors, interior doors, armoured doors, garage doors, shutters, grates, insect screens and more.
 The showroom is also available to some of our external collaborators, such as designers and surveyors, who bring their clients for a visit.

What services do you offer to your clients?

We offer dedicated advice to help the client along in their decision-making process. From the outset, we provide technical advice on the project, after which we guide the client through our showroom to allow them to touch the final product that we will install in their home. Installations are carried out directly by us and not by external teams. Furthermore, our installation is certified by PosaClima and thus guaranteed for 10 years.

How long have you been a client of the Profilati Group?

8 years at this point.

What do you appreciate most about the EKU offer?

In addition, of course, to the products and the availability of the company, I think that the differentiating aspect is the professionalism of the agents. I find the diligence with which assistance is provided and the valuable technical support to be fundamental.

Which product gives you the most satisfaction?

The doors and windows in general. Next comes the armoured doors, an increasingly high-performance product. Of late, we have sought to diversify our own offering, focusing on awnings and pergolas. The latter represents an interesting product – of great use since it allows you to utilise the external parts of the home more whilst being beautiful to look at and quick to install.

From your perspective, how do you think the market is doing?

It is a fluctuating and diversified market that has forced us to expand and differentiate our products, in order to ensure a greater offer and better service to our clients. The main problem remains that of coming up against low-priced, low-quality products arriving from Eastern Europe. The recent regulations issued by the Lombardy Region that impose more restrictive thermal transmittance values only render competition more difficult.

What do you think of the tax incentives?

In my opinion, they are the greatest sales leverage we have. Without them, the market would be much more complicated.

In addition to word of mouth, what other initiatives do you adopt in communicating to the market and developing sales?

We have invested in our showroom, which is bringing us excellent results. Then, I see that signage works, so we have invested in billboards along the main roads leading to our headquarters.

What projects are in place for the short-, medium- and long-term? How would you like the company to develop?

Even this year, we are investing heavily in the installation aspects, given this most critical point in time – and a poorly-done installation thwarts the entire commercial process. The goal is to specialise even more in the installation techniques and systems, not only to ensure better service but also to develop a more efficient and sustainable process of operation for the company.

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