The evolution of the Profilati Group continues with the formalization of the new EKU logo

The new EKU logo represents a change of gear for the building division of the Profilati Group. The entire organization, in constant evolution, aims to be more present in the Italian and foreign markets.

The new EKU logo officially debuts, a logo that incorporates the graphic stylistic design of the Perfektion range, the values of elegance, beauty and exclusivity that constitute the novelty and character of Perfektion products. Yet, it is not only a simple graphic makeover.

“The new EKU logo represents an evolution that has taken form at many levels, products, services, distribution and internal organization” says Mauro Durazzi, The EKU Commercial Director.

“The markets have evolved and we have had to evolve accordingly. The most important element is the product. The Italian market needs a large impetus because it is a market that is suffering very much and the Perfektion range could offer the solution.

As for the foreign market, the Perfektion line allows us to compete at the same level as the market leaders. Perfektion will also naturally evolve in terms of technology, services, offer, etc.

Moreover, we also have other initiatives, such as the development of the cell facade, the G-UNIT, a project that represents an exceptional novelty for our organization. We are developing this idea with great conviction and prudence because we are taking the first steps in a world that is fundamentally not ours”.

Impacts on direct distribution

Nuovo logo Eku - New logo Eku - Enrico Contarato
Enrico Contarato

With regards to direct distribution, the latest change regards the new company name for the Puglian warehouse C&S Puglia and its move from Massafra, in the province of Taranto, to Modugno in the province of Bari.

“We wanted to complete the restructuring of the warehouses, which had begun four years ago,” says Enrico Contarato, Head of direct distribution of the Profilati Group.

“In 2017, there was the merger between Alpex of Treviso and Profilati & Metalli of Milan into the new company EKU Sistemi, which covers all of Northern Italy thanks to its two branches. Afterwards, EKU Sistemi Roma was created and then the renaming of the Puglian warehouse was the logical next step so as to build a greater consistency of image and communication.

The movement of the headquarters was due to the greater commercial importance of the zone of Modugno, which allows us to better control Puglia from a logistical point of view and to project our gaze towards Basilicata”.

“In these four years, the greatest commitment has been to unify, as much as possible, the technology and the way of working of the four distribution centres. This has been accomplished by investing heavily in the continuous training of the personnel and in the means to keep our customer service always a step ahead compared to our competitors.

An example is the use of the Orgadata software by the entire sales force, a software that facilitates the relationship with window and door manufacturers. In fact, before the summer holidays, an agreement was reached, thanks to which an EKU Edition will be released, that is a totally customized version of the program for Eku, further reinforcing the growing partnership with the German software company.

Nuovo logo Eku - New logo Eku - Showroom

Naturally, we have also unified the products and the sales lists, leaving however a margin of freedom that regards 10%-15% of the offer, with this flexibility the warehouses are able to satisfy the particular territorial needs. Without this autonomy, it would make little sense to have decentralized warehouses, while we believe in the importance of being close to the customer and meeting their local needs”.

The evolution of our internal organization

Behind the new logo there have been a series of transformations that have involved the entire internal organization. “Our group” Mauro Durazzi continues, “in the last ten years has ‘changed skin’ at least 4-5 times thanks to the ability of everyone to absorb the transformations rapidly.

Moreover, the adaptation of our internal organization has been a fundamental factor. We are adopting a very advanced CRM model to give everyone further support in consolidating what has been accomplished so far”.

From a marketing point of view, EKU is working to consolidate its communication through the website and the electronic newsletter. “The commercial structure has been taking action to collect photos and information regarding the various projects realized with our systems. This will all serve in launching a large-scale web project that will help us build the image we deserve on the world market”.

“The efforts and investments we are making to change gear” concludes Mauro Durazzi “must also find expression in the graphic stylistic design. The new, more dynamic and contemporary logo symbolizes what we want to be tomorrow”.