The new company showroom for the EKU brand

The restyling of the showroom of our headquarters in Medicina (BO) gives the right importance to our leading Eku products. The new showroom is a place where manufacturers, distributors and designers can meet, not only a place for business, but also a place where ideas can be shared and developed.

We have totally restructured the showroom of our headquarters in Medicina, in the province of Bologna. The project design, which is similar to a sun with its rays, optimizes the 200 m2 of the showroom and the quality and design of the Eku products.

The showroom hosts a selection of Eku systems, with particular attention to the Perfektion line, the range of minimal design window and door frames that are essential for contemporary aesthetics that aim at maximum luminosity while minimizing the visible surface of the profile.

The essential style of the showroom and the shades of white, accentuated by warm natural sunlight, make the space more welcoming and enhance the aesthetics of the systems on display. The final touch is given by the stylized designs of the systems that decorate the walls.

«The restyling of the showroom» emphasizes Mauro Durazzi, The Eku Commercial Director, «is intended to valorize our latest products, a synthesis of the technical and aesthetic know-how that the Eku brand represents on the market. This project still maintains the multi-functionality of the showroom, it is not only an exhibition space, but also a work space dedicated to the activity of distributors, window manufacturers and designers. The new showroom has also been designed to allow the organization of meetings, conferences and training courses».

The new showroom therefore aims to be not only a promoter of business, but also of culture and relationships. The “heart” of the whole space, from which the exhibition lines radiate and converge, can be found in the large table in the centre ‘the sun’, symbol of that sharing and support that the company offers to its clients and partners.