The technical innovations also resume

In June, the Eku Perfektion HPS door with external opening and the structural facade Eku 50 GLASS S with triple-glazing will be available. And in September? The aesthetic restyling and performance improvement of the Eku 66 TT series for doors will have been completed.

The lockdown hasn’t stopped our technicians who have continued developing and perfecting our series to offer an even wider range of solutions after the start up. Among these, is the new Eku Perfektion HPS (High Performance Special) door with external opening that will be available from June.

The Eku Perfektion range was born mainly for the residential market, but as we pointed out in a previous article, we found ourselves also having to respond to the requests of shops and commercial activities in historic centres. These activities needed to replace the minimal iron frames of the early 1900s, at the same time maintaining their essential and rigorous aesthetic aspect.

The result was the creation of an Eku Perfektion line of doors for commercial construction. Now, thanks to the HPS version (with both internal and external opening) we are able to offer a door with an increased profile (32mm insulating bar insert) equipped with a lock and capable of guaranteeing better thermal transmittance performance.

Also in June, the Eku 50 GLASS S façade, triple-glazed version of the structural façade, will be available in our catalogue. The new solution was born from the necessity to increase the thermal and acoustic performance of the system to meet a specific market demand that requires this type of glass to be increasingly more present in the specifications.

In addition to the creation of new TT profiles for the frames and doors, ad-hoc accessories have been designed for the opening parts such as a longer glass support (handle) and a wider and stronger glass holder.

The Eku 50 GLASS S façade, with a thermal transmittance glazing value of less than or equal to 0.7 W/m2K, achieves an overall transmittance performance Ucw of ≤ 1.0 W/m2K, while with the use of acoustic glass, it can reach noise reduction Rw values of 46/47 dB.

We leave you with an absolute preview, in September we will present you with the restyling of the Eku 66 TT series for doors. In addition to the restyling of the aesthetic aspect, the series will offer higher thermal performance levels thanks to the use of double sealing and special thermal bar inserts.