The Profilati Group’s ongoing commitment to training its direct distributors

The Profilati Group constantly strives to qualify its network of direct distributors. At the end of November, the periodic meeting of commercial managers of the direct distribution centres was held at the Group headquarters in Medicina (BO). “Internal growth is fundamental,” highlights Mauro Durazzi, Commercial Director of the Building System Division. “We provide basic technical training, offering information regarding the market status, ensuring that the specific features of the products are actually perceived by clients as concrete advantages. We try to render such advantages recognisable and thus remunerated by the market.”

The meetings have a proven format. It all begins with an introduction from Marco Galliani, CEO of the Profilati Group, who illustrates the corporate objectives and choices to ensure that everyone operates in accordance with a common strategy. Mauro Durazzi then shares the present data and market trends, accompanied by a driving analysis of the main competitors.
Since it is not only the quality of a product that makes the difference on the market but also how this quality is communicated and ‘sold’, Enrico Contarato – Head of the Direct Distribution Centres – translates the main technical characteristics of the EKU systems into pluses that clients can perceive as actual benefits.

“With this type of training,” concludes Enrico Contarato, “we ensure that our direct distributors have a level of competence that allows them to act effectively with respect to the market and client expectations. We invest in this aspect because we are convinced that the human component must be at the heart of the corporate system so that it may compete by finding new stimuli, new energy and new resources.”

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