EKU Perfektion Wood: minimalist appeal and elegant refinement

In EKU Perfektion Wood, an aluminium-wood thermal break fixture, the two materials unite harmoniously to create a streamlined and essential line, accompanied by high standards of thermal and acoustic insulation and protection from inclement weather.
The concealed accessories and the reduced dimensions (with a sash-frame thickness equal to 72 mm) offer a minimalist appeal. The result is a greater glazed area, increased brightness and incomparable living comfort.

EKU Perfektion Wood ensures high performance in the total thermal transmittance (Uw). For example, a single-sash window, with dimensions of 900×1400 mm, with a thermal transmittance Ug of the glass at 0.6 W/m2K and warm edge, offers a thermal transmittance Uw of 1.31 W/m2K. This value responds to the stricter requirements imposed by the regulations on energy saving in construction, thus allowing tax incentives to be accessed. On the one hand, energy consumption and the consequent costs of heating and air conditioning are reduced whilst on the other, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are lowered for greater environmental protection.

Thanks to a perfect synthesis of elegance and functionality, EKU Perfektion Wood fits into any architectural context, ensuring the creation of large doors and windows with a full view over the external environment. The broad range of wood species available and the rich assortment of colours and external finishes ensure a vivacious and personal touch can be added to any environment.
Indeed, the EKU Perfektion Wood series is an elegant answer to the residential building replacement and redevelopment market.


  • Minimalist design, achieved by reducing the visible profile of the sash to the minimum possible and using only the concealed accessories
  • High-performance thermal transmittance thanks to the smaller area of the profiles and the larger glass surface
  • Bright spaces and abundant views looking out over the external environment
  • High resistance, low maintenance
  • A wide range of profiles and finishes to satisfy all kinds of aesthetic and constructive needs